MMED group

The MMED group has been working in the medical device market since 2006. We are suppliers of products for plastic surgery, gynecology, general surgery.

Our mission is to provide the best medical goods and services at the shortest time to our clients, enabling surgeons to spend less time for surgeries. Honesty, speedy and innovations are values to our business philosophy.
The vision of our company is to be a leader of innovation products through the territory of former USSR

We work with famous brands:

  • ARION (France) - breast implants

  • SU-POR (USA) - biocompatible porous polyethylene surgical implants, for craniofacial reconstruction and augmentation, featuring SU-POR biomaterial

  • ISAVELA (USA) - postoperative compression garment

  • IGUANAMED (USA) - scrubs

  • MESOGEL (RUSSIA) - anti-adhesion gel

    During the development and production of all our products, the latest technical achievements and the most modern materials are used, which provides the surgeon and the patient with the highest security guarantees and the best postoperative results.